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Stretch film

Stretch film for packaging is used everywhere in logistics, ...production and trade.

Film made from recycled materials is distinguished by its quality, which is not inferior to virgin material, and makes an invaluable contribution to the preservation of the environment and the promotion of the concept of conscious consumption.

Stretch film with the following characteristics is the most popular and always in stock

thickness, micron.




winding, m.




roll width

500 mm.

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LDPE granules

Due to the deep level of processing, our Stretch granule (LLDPE)... has high performance and is used for the production of stretch film in Almaty. Our customers buy stretch granules for packaging production.

Incorporate recycled content as part of your business strategy to benefit and protect our country's environment.

price: negotiable


Stretch granule

Recycled LDPE pellet is an excellent raw material, comparable in...quality to virgin material. The use of recycled LDPE pellets not only solves the problems of waste recycling, but also allows our customers to reduce the cost of products.

You can buy LDPE pellets and solve environmental problems associated with the disposal of polymer waste by contacting us.

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We created Qazaq Recycling with
a rebellious spirit and for a high purpose

Change the approach to the collection, production
and consumption of plastic in our country

We are working hard to become a company that recycles a variety of plastic waste into a final product sold in Kazakhstan.

Starting with the production of LDPE Granules, Stretch Granules and Stretch Packaging Film, we strive to be useful for our customers and the environment.

Recycled materials will help you save money and contribute to minimizing your business' carbon footprint.

Our goal is to benefit society from recycling garbage.

Prior to Qazaq Recycling, our team was engaged in the launch and development of the largest company in Kazakhstan that collects and recycles waste paper collected in the B2B and B2C sectors

We regularly achieve our goals in the field of collecting plastic waste, which pose a danger to the environment not only around the world, but also in Kazakhstan.

Every year in Kazakhstan, about 750,000 tons of plastic end up in landfills. Less than 5% of all plastic waste is currently recycled.

We think that everything can and should change

And change must start today

Already now we are the largest assembler of LLDPE and LDPE in the region and offer to buy granules that are consumed by film manufacturers.

We also produce stretch film for packaging that meets all quality standards. The more we understand the features and sources of collection of secondary raw materials, the more we grow in the field of waste processing and the production of LDPE and stretch pellets.

Our plans are to process other types of plastic into eco–friendly and sustainable end products, bringing production in Kazakhstan to a new level.

We really believe that the main change in attitude to plastic should come from society

The growing awareness of waste recycling will help our business to collect and recycle large volumes, as well as encourage other businessmen to invest in plastic recycling in Kazakhstan.

We are working on a digital platform that will help us reach the people of Kazakhstan with a simple application: the recycling process will become an interesting adventure, not an obligation.

We believe that we can change the minds of our compatriots, which means we will contribute to the preservation of the environment. Follow our news!

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Is the secondary stretch film inferior in quality to the primary film?

No. Our film is made from high quality, well-refined recycled materials. It perfectly retains its shape and protects your goods from damage during storage and transportation.

Does the recycled film have an unpleasant smell?

No. In our case, any smell is excluded, since we only work with raw materials formed after consumption in commercial and industrial facilities. We do not work with consumer raw materials (polygon).

What is the minimum order quantity?

You can purchase any number of film rolls from us. We always have finished products in stock.

How to properly store stretch film?

The film should be stored indoors at a temperature of +5 to +25 degrees, protected from moisture and direct sunlight. When storing the film at a temperature below 0 degrees, before using it, it must be kept at least 24 hours at a temperature of +18 degrees.

How to choose the right film thickness?

Film with a thickness of 17 microns is ideal for hand winding light loads. It stretches a lot, but due to its relative thinness, it is necessary to make more layers to ensure the stability of the load.

Films with a thickness of 20 microns are the best option for a wide range of products. It stretches well, does not require a large number of revolutions and does not tear at sharp corners.

23 microns or more is commonly used for heavy loads, long hauls and sharp corners.